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Taproom and Brewery Annoucement

Press Release at 2PM today Thursday April 3.

Since our boys are one and three, I tend to measure Slumbrew’s life in months. At thirty-one months into our project we can share with you that we have FINALLY signed a lease on 15 Ward Street, Somerville, Massachusetts for a new brewery and taproom for Somerville Brewing Company, the makers of “Slumbrew” craft beers.

 Jeff has been working on this seven days a week, night and day for the last year and I couldn’t be more proud or grateful to have such a wonderful business and life partner. My mother-in-law Linda (#SlumMum) is also due a world of gratitude and appreciation for allowing us to chase such a time consuming dream. My brother worked countless hours during our launch, my cousins have thoughtfully and candidly advised us along the way.

Our new taproom and brewery will allow us to do a lot of exciting things. Of utmost importance, we need to build another dimension to our brewery business, to gain the ability to be even more agile and expressive with our beers and to have a consistent way to interact with our customers. Another important goal is to bring beer tourism revenue to our home city of Somerville, Massachusetts. This space allows for all of the funky and creative projects we’ve been dreaming about and offers a space for you to come visit, sample, snack and and pick up fresh beer to go. The location we have chosen is incredibly exciting. When you visit us you can also visit our friends and neighbors at Bantam Cider and Taza Chocolate. On a nice day, you can certainly walk or bike between the three tasting rooms in just a few minutes!

I have a lot of folks to give thanks and credit to. Scooter (my Mum) passed away when I was seven months pregnant with Nathan. Somehow our Slumbrew project pulled me out of my grief and paralysis and gave me a new outlook on how we spend the minutes, hours and days of our life.

My gratitude is difficult to put into words. I’ve joked a few thousand times, but it’s been true, that if you want to make 2,000 new friends, start a brewing company. Jeff’s mom, Linda, our family, friends, distribution partners and beloved Slumbassador volunteers have helped, lifted, and lugged, presented and poured their hearts out to get us to this point. This is indeed a family business. Everyone of you deserves a pint, hug and thank you.

Great stories have a nice beginning and an extraordinary middle. We have arrived at the START line again, but this time at the beginning of the middle of our story. This next chapter is going to be delicious.

Slainte! - Caitlin

Posted: April 3, 2014
Tags: Tap Room, brewery

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