Blood Oranges for Happy Sol

One of the core ideas behind the formulation of recipes for Slumbrew has been using quality ingredients to drive the expression of unique flavor profiles in our beers. This is both extremely satisfying in that we have an opportunity to source some amazing ingredients and it helps differentiate our products among what is sometimes a lot of sameness within beer styles on the shelf. None of our beers are an example of an ingredient-driven approach more than Happy Sol...


Flagraising on Prospect Hill Somerville

One of the most interesting historical events occurred on Prospect Hill above what is now Union Square in Somerville. The area was an important strategic location for many years leading up to and through the Revolutionary War. At different points, it was occupied by the colonists and the British as it offered a high vantage over the marshland that is now the most densely populated urban area in New England. On January 1, 1776 something rather special happened...

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