Slumbrew Cheese and Beer Pairing guidePairing craft beer and cheese is lots of fun. We set out to our local Whole Foods recently and brought back a great assortment of cheeses to pair with Slumbrew craft ales.

These were our favorite picks for flavor, price and availability. When selecting your cheeses for your pairing, don’t forget nuts, chocolate, breads and fruit as additional palate cleansers.

Download the guide (pdf)

Happy Sol Blood Orange Hef Fresh local Mozzarella.
Local to Slumbrew is Fiore di Nonno.

My Better Half Imperial Cream Ale Uniekaas Gouda, Aged 3 years

Flagraiser IPA Windsor Blue Cheese or Gorgonzola

Attic & Eaves Toasted Brown Ale Cotswold Cheddar

Trekker Trippel Manchego

Porter Square Porter Fresh Goat Cheese

Special thank you to our family cheese exptert Dr. Samantha Price for helping us figure this out and picking an outstanding selection to work with!

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