Beer School with Kelsey Roth - Ales and Lagers, Malts vs. Hops

Sunday, February 21, 2016


American Fresh Brewhouse Beer Garden

301 Canal St, Somerville, 02145

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Somerville Brewing, the makers of Slumbrew, in collaboration with Craft Beer Cellar bring back our favorite Beer Geek Kelsey Roth for a 3-Week FREE Beer School from. Get Beer Smart! Tickets are free and all are welcome. The 3 weeks are Feb 21, 28 and March 6.

Since we missed our 2/14 class due to weather, Kelsey is going to smoosh both classes into this week!

Class 1: Ales and Lagers: What’s the Difference? In the business we often hear things like “I only like lagers” or “All dark beers are ales, right?”. But do we really know what that means? What makes a beer an ale or a lager? We’ll explore the differences and try some styles that might change your opinion of each for the better.

Class 2: Malts vs. Hops: Bitter and Sweet Flavors in Your Beer Beer is about balance. Brewers are always balancing the sweetness of malt with the bitterness of hops. We will look at these 2 key ingredients of beer and how they affect flavor and aroma in different styles. Let’s all eat some malt!

Kelsey Roth, Ambassador of Buzz at Craft Beer Cellar, Certified Cicerone®
Kelsey Roth manages marketing, communications, brand programming and education for all the Craft Beer Cellar stores. He is also a Certified Cicerone® which is like a Sommelier for beer. He has worked in the marketing and digital media production industry for over 15 years and finally was able to combine his love of beer and love of marketing analytics reports into a single job at Craft Beer Cellar. He's helped expand the Craft Beer Cellar family from a two-pack to almost a case of stores in two years with more on the way.

The 4 classes are
2/14 Canceled due to weather
Week 1: Ales and Lagers and Week 2: Malts vs. Hops: Bitter and Sweet Flavors in Your Beer

2/28 Week 3: A Career in Beer: What’s Out There and How to Get It
3/6 Week 4: Beer and Food: Finding Harmony At The Table