We're proud to announce the return of Beer School to the American Fresh Beer Garden at Assembly Row. Running every Thursday evening in January, this four-part course will introduce participants to the history, production, styles, and culture surrounding modern beer. Join our house beer geek, Brendan O'Toole, as he walks you through everything from alpha acids to zymurgy. With the beer market diversifying as quickly as it has, it can be hard for customers to keep up, and the Boston market's heating up faster than most. A lot of beer drinkers out there want to know more, but may be somewhat intimidated by the aura of complexity surrounding modern beer. That's why we want to give people an opportunity to engage with beer informally, without pretension or intimidation. We're out in a tent, having a pint and talking beer. No prior knowledge required or expected, just curiosity. In addition to educating our customers, one goal of our program is to give people a potential leg up if they're interested in joining the craft beer community. We've hired from our Beer School audience in the past, and we're always willing to help anyone looking to get into Boston's craft scene, whether with us or with any of the excellent breweries, beer bars, and bottle shops in and around town. The only way to keep the beer world fresh is by bringing new people and new perspectives into it. Class 1: Malt, Hops, And How They Become Beer All beer is a mix of malt, hops, and water, and from these relatively simple ingredients comes the entire wide world of beer. What is malt, and how does it affect the final brew? What do hops do, and why are they so important? How much effect do yeast and water have on the finished product? We'll answer all these questions, and get you familiar with the ingredients and process that go into your pint.
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